U.S. considers air evacuation of refugees in northern Iraq

140813110501-iraq-bridge-15-horizontal-gallery[1]Washington (CNN) — With the arrival of 130 U.S. troops in northern Iraq to assess the humanitarian crisis, the United States is considering a possible air evacuation of thousands of Yazidis from Mount Sinjar, a U.S. official told CNN Wednesday.
Any operation would, of course, require President Barack Obama’s approval.
The focus on an air option — rather than a ground operation — is due to initial indications that ground transport would take too long, and the distance would expose the Yazidis to too much risk, said the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter and asked not to be named. In addition, many of the people are in too poor a medical condition to make a lengthy journey, the official explained. That said, a ground operation is still an option under consideration, U.S. officials said.